about  Ljungdalen

The village community needs your help :
- in maintaining our social structure
- the development of the necessary infrastructure

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Storsjö-Åsarna has 951 inhabitants

- which is a change of minus

4.0% from 2010.

Compared to the state, the district has an average proportion

of young people and a high proportion of older people.
Of those who live here, 10% have a foreign background


and the proportion of employed persons is 79%

- which is close to the average in the country
The proportion of college educated in the district is 25%,

which is lower than the average in the country.
The median income is SEK 18900 / month,

which is lower than the national average.

This is what the age distribution looks like for Storsjö-Ljungdalen
( July 2017 ). 5-year interval.

In the age group up to 20 years are 43 persons


In the age group 20 to 44 years, there are 34 people


In the age group 45 to 65 years there are 74 persons


At retirement age, there are 109 people


There are in Ljungdalen about 40 ? Persons still occupied with / in the working structures of the place.

Also, the imbalance of working people leaves little scope for `` new`` too!


Just a glance at the pure numbers gives us an outlook on our future.

We are losing our social systems.

Our school is under pressure and could be closed if the number of children continues to decline.


Our young people turn to occupations that are better paid, leaving our area.

(In southern Sweden, 50% more is earned on average for comparable work)


There are hardly enough offers for our strongest group, that of seniors.

Our social structures are increasingly under pressure, and these are increasingly being used in the service of tourist offers.