Hello musher

Mushing Ljungdalen :

This project is managed by the Ljungdalen Tourist Office.

!!!!  Info  !!!!

Right now, an unknown dog disease is raging in Norway

where several dogs have died of severe diarrhea.


Musher and her huskies are welcome.

 but Sled dog tourism in Ljungdalen has increased by 50% in the last two years.

Therefore, the Tourist Office informs that we are now setting up a sled dog tourism concept in Ljungdalen to respond to the negative impact of dog sledding.


It is important for us to respect the different interests in this region.
We ask for your support by observing the following.

Our trail rules

- Musher take care of skiers, pedestrians, free-roaming animals and scooters.

- Biting, snapping dogs do not belong to our trails.

- Free-running dogs are not allowed.

- Your dogs must be able to master the overtaking of other teams

    as well as "head on passing".

- Dogs are also required to pay Sleddogtax use in the tourist office.

- Sled Dogs need an insurance

-It is not allowed to drive in designated ski tracks.

-The pollution of the environment of our shelter / grill huts by dogs

  (faeces and urine) is to be eliminated

- Ill dogs do not belong to the trail because of the risk of infection.

Keep distance from reindeer to avoid their dispersion.

Tax for sled dogs
  We charge a one-time tax per season per sled of 500 sec.
regardless of the length of stay.
  the amount is to be paid in cash in the Touistenbüro.

The scooter club asks for:

- That your guide dogs, for better visibility for snowmobilers,

wear a safety vest.

These vests are available for free at the tourist office.

Important: Road crossings are visible for lengths up to 6 dogs.

The Ljungdalener ask the mushers,

Not to use "your main Skotertrail" (pilgrimsled to Öjön) into the fjäll.

Tourist office Ljungdalen