Autumn training

Due to the coarse and sharp-edged sputtering, there are only two paths, which are to be traveled with the dog team, in Ljungdalen available.With increasing sled dog tourism and the resulting desire, also with us to move his dogs in the autumn on the training car or quad, leads to an increase in the frequency of these paths.
There is now a noticeable dissatisfaction of the hunting community in Ljungdalen opposite the dog sport.

Therefore, some  information  about  the  hunting

Unlike in other European countries, hunting is not reserved for a few in Sweden, but is one of Sweden's cultural assets.

The hunter is very often the owner of the land on which he hunts.


Here in the village almost everyone is involved in the hunt, almost all game is hunted in the hunting season. The most important hunting is here, on the elk.
It is run by us as a group hunt in the near-forest of drivers with dogs and a chain of passports.
The elk hunt begins on the first Monday of September and lasts until the end of January. It is divided into two periods, with a short break in late September / early October. With us in the region, the hunt is shorter than in southern Sweden.
I ask the Musher to take special care after the beginning of the elk hunt, and hope for insight. My hunting group is especially affected by the aforementioned training courses, both are in our area.
Please consider: You are on our ground. Please follow the conditions below.

Greeting  Per Arne.

in a period of 8 to 14 days, the following must be observed

- From 7 h to 9 h no dog training, only afterwards with the dogs to come.
free running dogs dogs are not allowed.
  - Place the starting point at the entrance of the path, do not drive directly into the hunting area.
(Here the start noise of the dogs is less disturbing)

- Do not drive the road to the mast during this time with the trailer.
- Avoid human speech and loud shouting.