Tips  for  Musher

Safety tips first

Your teams must be able to cross roads without turning on them. Many road crossings are only visible to 6 dogs. With larger teams you should avoid dangerous road crossings or know exactly from which direction you can see the streets.

Accidents with carriages have already occurred.

The car / Snowmobil traffic has become very fast in the last years. Therefore it makes sense to have our lead dogs wear warning vests / straps for better visibility in the valleys.

Warning vests can be rented at the tourist office.

What our dogs must be able to do

Our teams must be able to run past small children on skis, babies in pulkas, f

ree-running dogs without going over.

An encounter with other dog teams is the rule here.

Many Swedish tourists also do skijoring with dogs.

Important for Mushers

Many snowmobildriver have little experience in handling Huskys.

Fewer and fewer dog teams had snow practice in Germany.

There are commercial skoter tours and sled dog tours

 offered. In both cases this means beginners.

 Therefore comes only with safe dogs.

Trails and weather
The trails in the valleys are usually wide and reliably tracked. Outside the valleys we find the most different conditions. In the past, a scooter track meant good conditions for a dog team to run on it. Today with the "Funskotern" it usually means hard deep snow work for the dogs.
Also the winter trails further into the mountains are less and less used by snowmobiles. This must be taken into account when planning tours.
Weather changes in Kahlfjäll are usually very fast. Camping mat, extreme bivouac bag and snow shovel are certainly no unnecessary ballast on longer tours,
because not all teams run safe in a blizzard.

Here too, climate change has a major impact on the weather and trail conditions.

Open rivers, delayed frozen lakes, rain in February, thawed valleys in March, mirror-smooth lakes, temperature fluctuations of 20 degrees a day, storms and icy trails after thaw periods are unfortunately no longer a rarity.

This means to adjust the size of the team to the conditions - sometimes even four dogs are enough. Also the pressure of the jump / carpal joints of the dogs and their paws by cuts is by this trail deterioration should not be underestimated.

Good mushing !

Ingo - Guide of Helags Husky