Mushing Ljungdalen

Mushing Ljungdalen is a group of people who are sustainable,

want to develop social nature tourism in Ljungdalen.

It is important for us to respect the different interests in this region

Although we have different motivations and views on sled dog sport,
but we are united by the concern for the future development of tourism and its impact on our village community.

Therefore, together with the Skoter Club, the hunting community, the reindeer breeders and the Association for Tourism Development, we are trying to establish a concept for sled dog tourism in Ljungdalen.

However, it is only possible if the "guest mushers" adhere to the trail rules and react to negative indications for dog sledding.

Also, serious mushers should take care of the rest periods

of the village when handling dogs.

Since we are aware with mixed feelings of an increase in tourism

including the dog teams,

 we want to let you " take part in our experiences".

 What is changing!
A new concept of scooter tourism.
Merger Skoterclub Funäsdalen / Ljungdalen.
The speed of road traffic.
The snowmobile behavior from touring to fun sport.
The acceptance of the place opposite the dogsledding
gets worse from negative experiences.


What will come?
The aging of the village.
Climate change and its effects.
The increase of winter tourism.


Since the increase of the skoterledavgift legitimate objections of the mushers have come to ask for a fair donation for sled dog teams. We now fulfill this wish.

We charge a one-off per season fee per sled of 500 SeK . regardless of the length of stay.


Also we introduced the Draghundavgift, in order to be able to afford the thus necessary independent financing of the Sleddogtourismus.

For years there has been a rumour that dog teams do not have to pay trail fees.

This statement is only conditionally correct.

It is true that on designated winter trails (mostly in state ownership) no costs are incurred.

But the scooter tracks in our valleys are a combination of winter trails, pure scooter tracks, private trails and regular roads. Likewise, the routes in the valleys are mostly privately owned.

Costs arise from the organisation of this network, the purchase and maintenance of the machines and the main share: Personnel costs for slope maintenance.

In order not to trace the routes between the free trails ourselves, we consider a charge of 500 seconds per team and season to be appropriate.

Please note
The Ljungdalener ask the mushers, not to use " their main driveway" (pilgrimsled to Öjön) into the mountains.
Dog feces of short-term guests are the constant problem -
- Children are pulled up there on sledges / skis by snowmobile,
- Anglers are upset when their equipment in the Skoter hanger is full of dog shit,
- Also accompanying hounds are to be able to walk freely on a trail without dog teams.

Road crossings are visible for sled dog teams lengths up to 6 dogs.

The scooter club asks for:
- That your guide dogs, for better visibility for snowmobilers,
wear a safety vest.
These vests are available for free at the tourist office.

Negative feedback from sled dog tourism - new every year
- noise pollution
- Too much dog waste on the trail Ljungdalen / Öjon
- Teams that dominate other teams
- Driving in the ski track.