Reindeer  and  Sleddogs

When you drive a sleddogteam, you may come close to reindeer. They roam freely in herds or smaller groups. The reindeer are not wild they have owners. It is very easy to scatter a reindeer herd with a dog sled, but it is a difficult and time-consuming task to round up the herd again. Respect the Sami’s work and the reindeer’s health ! Here are some tips and facts about reindeer that are important for you, as a sled driver, to know :

Reindeer  need  to  be  protected  for  several  reasons :

So that reindeer cows (vajor) have calm grazing conditions before and after calving, which occurs at the end of April/end of May.


So that the reindeer will not be scattered in connection with the spring movement up to the mountains.

Because the reindeer (due to poor winter grazing conditions, for example) can be in poor condition.

So that the reindeer can graze in peace in winter grazing land in wooded areas.

Do as follows when you approach a reindeer herd:

Drive very slowly or stop. The reindeer then leave the Wintertrack. Drive by. Without to follow them .


If they do not move off the track, it can be because they feel stressed or they are not able to find any suitable place to go.


Then stop, and wait awhile until all reindeer have left the Track, they follow each other. If the reindeer do not leave the path, turn around or slowly make a detour around the reindeer. If there are black plastic bags set up by the track, it means that there are reindeer in the area. Drive very carefully here !