Swedish right of public access

The Swedish Right of public access - aunique right to freely move around the countryside - also apply in the mountains.

The main rule is :  Don´t disturb and don´t destroy.

 Among other things this right means that you are :

- allowed to walk or ski across other people´s property.

- allowed to pitch a tent for a day or twoon othes people´s property.

- allowed to pick wild beeries and flowers.

- not allowed to light a fire if there is anyrisk it will spread.

- not allowed to take twigs, branches, bark etc. from growing trees.

- not allowed to pass peoples´s homesites.


bring your litter with you. You must tidy up your camping site.

Fishing is not covered in the Right of Public Access.

Allways check the rules that apply where you want fish.

Note that special rules and regulations apply in nature reseeves and national parks.

more information is available Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


For the Sami the mountains are their working places.

It is important to show respect in the following cases:

- Keep at a distance not to disperse herds of reindeers.

- Keep a strict watch over dogs

- Follow marked snowmobile trails