Sledding - Tourism in Ljungdalen

The  number  of  Mushers  in  Ljungdalen  has  risen  over the  years.

We have about 120 Huskys per winter, which run the whole winter on our skootertrails. The dog sled drivers mostly come from Germany

and have the most diverse requirements in working with dogs.

There are also different sled dog breeds on our trails.

Alaskan Huskies, Scandinavian Hounds and the pure-bred like the Sibirian Husky.

Also the driving practice and the skills of their teams are very different.

We  distinguish  three  types  of  tourism  in  Ljungdalen :

- Those  who  carry  out  guided  husky tours  with  our guests

- Those  musher  who  spend  their  whole  winter  with their  dogs  here,

- And  those  dogs  that  visit  us  only  for  a  short  time.