trail rules

Our valleys are used in the high season also by other wintersportsmen.

Mutual consideration is therefore the top priority.

Unfortunately, there were first complaints about dog carriages in the last winter season. Starting from noise pollution in the village, over feces on the trail,

to Husky teams which disturb other tourists in your winter sports

and even biting sled dogs have happened.

Therefore we ask you to follow the following rules:

Musher take care of  skiers, pedestrians, free-roaming animals and scooters.

 Biting, snapping dogs do not belong to our trails.

Free-running dogs are not allowed.

 Your dogs must be able to master the overtaking of other teams

as well as "head on passing".

Dogs are also required to pay Sleddogtax use in the tourist office.

Sled Dogs need  an insurance

It is not allowed to drive in designated ski tracks.


The pollution of the environment of our shelter / grill huts by dogs

(faeces and urine) is to be eliminated.

Road crossings are visible to 6 dogs safely.

sleddogs sizes in addition are a threat to themselves and others.

Ill dogs do not belong to the trail because of the risk of infection.

Keep distance from reindeer to avoid their dispersion.


Serious Musher take care of the rest of the village Ljungdalen,

during the dog's handling.

The Scooter Club asks that your Leaddogs wear a warning vest

for better visibility to the snowmobilers.