Snowmobile  Trails

In Funäsfjällen och Storrsjö- Ljungdalen you’ll find 610 kilometres of snowmobile trails,

of which 150 kilometres cross high mountain areas

in one of Sweden’s most scenic mountain regions.

The five-metre wide snowmobile trails are continuously groomed by piste bashers and a custom-made tractor with belts to maintain top class.


Europe’s possibly best snowmobile region

450 kilometres of snowmobile trails in one of Sweden’s most scenic environments, of which 150 kilometres cross high mountain areas.
5-metre wide trails groomed by piste bashers.
7 terminals for loading and unloading with free car parking.
Clear signage and safe level crossings.
Map of the trail network.
GPS-based trail information, updated daily.
Trail host can be contacted on: +46 70-266 78 51.


Daily trail grooming

Custom-built drag groomer so we can offer even higher standards of trail grooming. GPS on the snowmobiles and a new map on the website provide

exact details of the trail grooming every morning.

Red Xs on posts signify winter routes. Here you share the route with skiers, people on foot and dog teams.