Projects  in  Ljungdalen

Bridge in Nyvallen
Unfortunately, two years ago, the bridge in Nyvallen collapsed.

It was so badly weathered that it could not be repaired.

This bridge is important for our tourism because it connects our valleys.
Unfortunately, there was no budget available to build the bridge.

The new building had to be financed !  We collect for the bridge

This project is completed, the bridge is built.




We would like to thank our supporters

The Practical Helpers

Uno, Micke, Lasse, Andreas, Aimo, Bengt, Erik, Mats und desen Sohn, Håkan, Janne, Åke, Julia, Robert,

Jutta, Britt

The money donors

Handölsdalen sameby, Kalle Mogren, lilla förening Nyvallen, Avgifterna Draghund , Taxi Ljungdalsfjällen,Britta Norde´n, Stig Wagenius

It was fun for us to get this project up and running

 and work with you.

Kurt & Ingo